"Patience is required to live a life in mountains. Its a path made of principles, which builds character."


is a land where anything is possible, life is easy and fun. It is a quiet place in the woods, somewhere where we feel free, live amongst splendid nature, make architecture, design, art and food.

We are a creative studio that flourishes the local craft of our region as we research and innovate on sustainable architecture, make eco homes, practice permaculture and share this knowledge through workshops. Read that again.

We are here to redefine living in the 21st century through the means of what we know best – design. At the precipice of losing the very diversity that makes us different, all to the metronome of globalization, we are gathering for a movement through creation.


To us, craft is culture, molded into a piece of art.

This regional craftsmanship is a useful reminder that flexibility, not strength, is key to longevity. It is necessary to take steps to preserve it, revive it and empower it. An ode to coexistence is formed, quite naturally, through this art of making.

We bring alive Himalayan craftsmanship to everyone, everywhere. Not bridging but adding on to the gap between artisans, designers and the world through research, innovation and design.

We strive to gather this wisdom, living amongst our culture and creating a base in the mountains. It is deeply ingrained in our very way of living. We are building a library of this oral history by documenting the craft in content, form and process for the future generations.


To us, craft is culture, molded into a piece of art.

North Studio is a Himachal based collective undertaking projects all over Himachal and other parts of India. Our motivation is to design soulful and immersive spaces which embrace and celebrate the complexities of the real world.

With a background of traditional Himalayan architecture, North’s founder, Rahul Bhushan seeks to learn the rules of the past and then break them by tapping into the deepest potential of a material. His practical and problem solving (perspective) has matured into the studio’s current design process. We are a modern renaissance team of engineers, filmmakers, graphic designers, urban designers, product designers and architects working together to challenge each other and contribute ideas for a better world.

Our building practice is developed with purpose, strategy and flawless creativity. But images speak louder than words so go through our projects here.

artist residency

When art flourished, the world spun on its axis yet again.

It is at times when art moved the world, it came to the precipice of a new era. It shaped everything in our world from our buildings, to our food and clothes. Not by commercial means but through poetry, music and expression, we united.

North Artist Residency is an open and fluid concept. Closest to our hearts, being artists and designers ourselves, we have grown a creatively charged environment for us that we want to share with fellow like-minded people/others.

We help our residents develop a deeper understanding of the Himalayan lifestyle and culture, cultivating a creation that comes out of the artists’ own colorful background merging with/blooming in the Himalayan context. We wish for our artists to use their art and talent to help motivate and encourage the paradigm shift of humanity, leading to a more conscious, connected and expressive future for all. Come, join us in this movement.


To understand a simple life, one has to live it.

We had once sat together on our barren land and thought about a home for ourselves where we could grow our own vegetables, cut wood to keep warm and cultivate our own honey. Sustainable living is a process which takes time and patience to mold into being.

It is an active process of becoming aware and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It is more than being free from illness; a dynamic process of change and growth. Patient is required to live a life in the forest. It’s a path made of principles, which builds our character.

We strive towards a more self reliant way of living, getting back to our roots. Roots, not of our state or country of birth but our roots as a human being. Coming back to our own physical body and coming back to nature and this is where we truly belong.

We adapt to this world through our cultural wisdom that holds the values of the land and context in which we live. We believe in coexistence and that is what we wish to share with our guests.


When art flourished, the world spun on its axis yet again.

To make a positive impact on our community and give back to it is not a point on our to-do list but a core fundamental value of being. We seek to build a community of inspiring artists, talented locals and conscious people. To ignite a conversation amongst them about artistic and design expression and its impact on society.

We strive to become a breeding ground for local artists and the new generation by giving them space, tools and the time needed to bloom creative thought. A center to flourish life in mountains. We hope to carry out social welfare programs, eco initiatives, awareness programs and educational interactions at schools and villages with your support.

We cannot say it better than the Sanskrit phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” from the Maha Upanishad, which means “the world is one family”.

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Vanita TelgoteVanita Telgote
10:19 04 Aug 21
Beautiful setting!We met Swara, who is part of the team. She gave us a tour of the place, answered our questions, and made us feel very welcome.
Riya SinghRiya Singh
05:41 13 Jul 21
Best place in Naggar ❤❤
Pia HeikkilaPia Heikkila
09:25 03 Jun 21
Stayed two weeks in the North working. Lovely place, beautiful views and awesome, kind hosts. Warm atmosphere and delicious, fresh food. You can have company at meal times if you want but you can also stay alone if you are the hermit kind. Rooms are tastefully decorated and the shared kitchen spotless. Naggar village has all kinds of supplies available. Can not recommend the North enough.
Dan IsailovicDan Isailovic
08:39 02 Aug 19
NORTH is incredible. It is beautiful, peaceful, unique and full of character. I spent 2 months here in 2017, I often fondly reminisce on my time there. NORTH is run by an inspiring individual who possesses a passion for his work and the local people. What an amazing place, if you have the opportunity to visit, please do!
Ankita SubudhiAnkita Subudhi
12:32 19 May 19
It is an awesome place, worth everything you spend here. The experience , the learning,the location will charm you like magic. Its like a that place where magical fictional stories happen and come to live and apart of that the work on katkuni architecture and its development here is amazing really the best place to learn with raw practice.